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Fallout New Vegas – Full Speed Ahead Facing Backwards

Human nature is a funny thing. As beings we consider ourselves above the rest of the food chain. Above the brahmain...the muties...the ghouls. Yet we are all driven by the same instincts and drives that make us weak and prone to conflict. Greed. Wealth. Power. Lust. The world may have been scarred by radioactive fires but those base desires remained and they thrived in the new world. Arguments were short and bloody. If you had something someone else wanted you either sold it or they took it. The world was one of the desperate...the evil...the deadly. And if someone decided they didn’t like you the chance was a lump of lead would drill home their point. Two years ago power and greed had been on the minds of three great factions. One driven by restoring the old world; the bear. One believing in a flaud idea of unity and purity; the bull. And one believing himself to above all others, driven by his own grand plans and ideas. Two years those three made me offers each thought I couldn’t refuse. Each tempting to those base desires of greed and wealth and power. Two years ago I made my choice for better or worse. What happened next? Thats an entirly new that started where it all ended.


Fire and smoke blasted into the sky, a great bird of war flying overhead with a guttural roar.  The early dawn sun flickered off her silver skin as she raced away. For those below the war had come at last. Red splattered the grey ground, the green uniforms, the silver armour. Bullets whistled through the air and swords ringed out mixing with the screams of those around me. The great wall shock...

I woke with a start and panting, slick with the sweat brought on from the nightmare. Nightmares were common for everyone living in the wasteland. I don't think anyone slept properly. If it wasn’t what you’d seen that kept you awake, it was the threat of slavers...or bandits...or creatures finding you. It wasn't the first time id had that nightmare nor would it be my last. The events were still burned into the memories of everyone in the Mojave. The second battle of hoover dam...the great wall across the Colorado river. Both the NCR and the legion had tried to take the pre-war marvel for themselves. Both had failed. Hundreds died in a futile battle. A battle that was rigged from the start. The bull and the bear had left that day defeated...retreating...their noses bloody. Victory was secured, thanks to me, for the one that played the best game. But as I sipped from the whiskey bottle on the workbench an uneasy pit lay in my stomach. Rumours...whispers...a great atmosphere had descended on the Mojave as if something was coming. Something bigger. Something maybe worse than slavers or the NCR.

And like a hammer striking an anvil there came a knock on my door. I stared at the rusty metal sheeting as if expecting it to burst open yet it did not. For a few seconds I considered returning t9 my uneasy sleep however curiosity got the better of me. Yet another one of those human drives that cause more trouble than good. Walking to the door I pushed it open a few inches and peered out. There was no sign of anyone in the early morning light. I pushed the door open fully, my view settling on the town I now called home. The town where my journey began two years ago. Good-springs hadn't changed much apart from a few new settlers from NCR territory that moved in seeking a more simple life. A thin wind blew specks of dust and grit into the air. Everything was as it was before. But the light revealed something curious. Something that I hadn't seen in a while. A single depression in the dirt...a long line heading towards my door. No creature would create such a track. At its end, sat in front of my door, was a small round object that glittered. A single poker chip with the words 'Lucky 38' written on the front in fancy pre war writing.
Two years ago I had been the first human to set foot into that tall tower in over 200 years. A relic of pre war greed. It was there that I made the choice of what side I would be on. I chose the independent. Now I was being called back to him. His loyal terrier. I picked the chip up twisting it around my fingers. Two years ago the chip that I had in my hands was heavy and made of solid platinum. A rare treasure before the war...even rarer after it.

Of-course the pre-war world was one of many treasures. Sprawling consumerist culture. The human obsession for always more. It drained the earth dry and when there was nothing left to fight over humanity fell back on the only thing it had left. The new world remembers it as the great war. Some people call it the war to end all wars. October 23rd 2077. No one knows exactly what happened that day. Who fired first. Who fired back. In two terrible hours the earth was scorched by radioactive fire and flame. Those lucky...or in many cases...unlucky to survive in the massive pre-war fallout shelters known as vaults survived the apocalypse. Those that found themselves outside the vaults that day became ash...if they were lucky. Decades had passed. The world remained scarred and wounded...slowly healing. Humanity survived did its urges. The wasteland made most of them worse. Only one word described both the wasteland and the humans that inhabited it. Savage.

The rusted metal door shut with a clatter and I sat on what passed for a bed these days staring at the chip. Its presence meant that at-least part of the rumours were true. Otherwise why else would he call. After never really leave anyone’s service do we?


Morning had arrived at last and now that the sleepy town had woken from its slumber I pulled my long jacket close, found in the depths of a hidden valley, and wandered across the hill towards the white house overlooking the town. The Doctor inside had patched me up after an unfortunate with a 9 mil round. Just the first step on an unbelievable road. He lived alone, as did most these days. It did not do well to develop lasting attachments. A sniper friend of mine learnt that the hard way. However today I was not heading over to the docs to recover from being shot in the head but to recover a friend. Two knocks on the door and the sound of rapid barking told me that my companion was again on his feet.

“Out the way you daft mutt” came the gruff response inside. I couldn’t help but smile.

Doc Mitchell poked his head round the door and smiled slightly. Seeing it was me he opened the door fully and I was soon floored by the half metal beast that leapt at me.

“Anyone would think you were covered in brahmain steak...”
“Is it unreasonable to think he missed me?”

The doctor helped me up with hand. He was getting on these days. Having grown up in a vault he had weaker immune responses. He aged worse than most, but to hide his age he retained the shaved head he had two years ago. His eyes flickered up to the small scar on my forehead as they always did.

“Glad to see the work still holding up. Considering how much blood you pissed out onto my floor im still surprised.”
“Not the only one.”

My companion sat next to me wagging and panting softly. Rex had been previously owned but after having found him a new brain the loyal dog had followed me wherever I went. Part canine and part machine. Mans best friend indeed. However like all dogs his curiosity got him into trouble. In this case, the loyal canine picked a fight with a young bighorner and ended up with a broken leg that is. Thankfully the doc had been there to stop the mutt getting anything worse. Rex had finally gotten back on his feet. The Doc knealt down to him.

“Now don’t go picking any more fights that ya cant win you hear?”

The dog ruffed happily and wagged his tail before the doctor looked at me. I was however already flipping him a small cloth bag.

“100 caps alright?”
“That'll about cover it.”

I nodded and was going to head off when the Doctor looked at me with a piercing gaze.

“Heading off then?”
“What gave you that idea?”
“The robot that knocked on your door.”

I was about to ask how he knew but he answered me first.

“You think your the only one that hardly sleeps?”
“Well...i can at-least go see what he wants.”
“Word of advice kid.”
“Men like House like their power. Like all men with power they fear loosing it. A threat like you is safer dead. Especially to him.”
“He's had two years to kill me Doc.”
“House is patient kid. But remember he is only there because of you. Don't let him forget that.”

The Doctor gave Rex one last scratch behind the ears and wandered back into his home. The sun beat its warm rays on my back and I looked down at Rex.

“Come on boy...we have an appointment to keep.”
FNV - Full Speed Ahead Facing Backwards - CAGE
The first part of my new short story series based on the FNV wasteland after the events of the game. So far only two events are predetermined. Firstly siding with Mr House and secondly that the Brotherhood of Steel was not killed off.
Husky Nebula 2 by bismark236
Husky Nebula 2
The Nebula class was a well known vessel that served the Federation. Its shape and construction was similar to that of the Miranda class that had come about 80 years before. The Nebula used the parts from Galaxy Class vessels and folded them together to create a compact ship. Now in the second decade of the 25th century, the Nebula got a much needed re-fit, courtesy of Skyfall.  
Husky Nebula by bismark236
Husky Nebula
The Skyfall vessel Husky was initially built in order to test out a new brand of sensor array that showed promised at beating the current generation of cloaking devices. The testing of the Tachyon Sweeping Sensor went well, and the sensors were placed on all Skyfall ships. With the Husky still intact and perfectly usable, HQ kept her and designated her a science and research vessel for the substantial force of scientists that work for SF.
Not All Ships Are Big by bismark236
Not All Ships Are Big
The USS Excalibur is all that remains of Skyfalls vessel, Starsabre, after the battle near DS9. Officially the Sabre's scouting ship, the Excalibur survived the battle through sheer luck; a warp nacelle fracture keeping her at the base for weeks. The Excalibur remains in service, and is one of the refitted Nova class vessels that have been serving since the 2370s
The Interceptor 2 by bismark236
The Interceptor 2
Aggressive in style and design, the Interceptors class, Prometheus, was a new step for the Federation in creating more powerful and more heavily armed ships. The Interceptor continued that process. Skyfall Engineers swapped out the phaser banks for Romulan designed Plasma Cannons and Beam Arrays, and removed the out moded Photon Torpedo tubes for more powerful Quantum Torpedo Banks. Rearmed and dangerous, the Interceptor remains a powerful attack ship ready to defend Skyfall HQ when required
So that's university career is finally more essays, reading or more annoying philosophers with stupid more academic work...

Which is sad a is a laugh mostly. I will miss the dudes and girls I studied with. I wish them all luck with their final grades.

However this means that finally I can get back to work on my projects. Because of the large number of short stories I have on the go [Fallout England, Insidious, Star Trek Skyfall and now my new Wolf Runs] I intend to create an online forum that people can join and read my stuff, post their own and read and comment. That will be sorted in the next week or so. As for right now please keep a look out for future parts of my short stories, starting with fallout England tomorrow.  


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Craig Gordon AKA Fletcher
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